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Author Interview, Elizabeth Spire


Author Interview #4, with U.K. author, Elizabeth Spire!

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Jess: Why do you write erotic-themed material?

Elizabeth: It's always good to write about something you're passionate about, well for me good there's nothing more passionate than good sex. Therefore erotica is a total joy to write, it lets me express a side of myself not everyone sees.

Jess: How do you differentiate quality erotica (as an art form), from pornographic writing?

Elizabeth: Erotica has passion in it, if anything for me the desire is far more key than the actual sex. When I read other authors' erotica, that's what I look for too. The need, the passion, the uncontrollable lust, working you up until finally you get any actual sex. So the characters have to be ones you can like or relate to, understand and feel for.

Erotica written like that is totally enthralling, where as porn to me is just X people in Y position, then Z etc. Very mechanical, staged and artificial...

Jess: I can totally relate ;) I shall now ask how you would respond to the following statement:

“I am very put off by the notion of 'literate smut', as if any porn is intellectual, that erotica needs to have a high and low art distinction. I think this is just a pretentious way for people to excuse their taste for pornography.”
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Elizabeth: I think there are a broad spectrum of tastes in all things, as there are in actual sexual orientation. I therefore try and act and write in an inclusive way, but never part A goes into slot B, repeat until something explodes! ;)

Even darker aspects of BDSM can be written in a very erotic and appealing way if you take the time to let the reader see inside their head or their heart, so understanding why they are turned on by something a little different from average. To me porn is a very graphic thing, be it visual or written as real hard core smut. The same thing written with attention to the people involved, not just the act is far more erotic to me and therefore far more of a turn-on...

Jess: The mental/emotional play is where it's at (for me). What inspired you to write erotic stories/poems/etc.?

Elizabeth: I just write what I'm passionate about, so it's not always erotic, though much of the time it is... I'm passionate about people's rights to a good and fulfilling sex life, regardless of preferences, gender, or even disabilities... Does a person lose their sex drive, just because they have an accident and lose their sight? We are all people and sex makes most of us feel good, why be shy about that or restrict it only to those who are physically attractive and fully able?

Jess: Equality for all, I like that ;) Do you always follow the "safe, sane, consensual" credo?

Elizabeth: Totally, utterly 100% of the time! Anything less to be is not sex, but degradation and violence, abusive and wrong. In fact we do our level best to also mention the use of condoms, especially where the encounter is not a part of a long term relationship.

Jess: What do you think readers will find most notable about your book(s)?

Elizabeth: The acceptance of all and the level of passion in everything I write, from the soft, romantic, vanilla to the kinky, exploring BDSM. We all care about feeling wanted and loved, so I try and reflect that in all my writing and poetry. Oh and I do tend to write powerful females roles, who enjoy sex be they Domme/sub or just vanilla. Also my characters think about their actions quite a lot.

Jess: Yes, the mind is an important thing! In order to write on certain experiences, you would have to either research or live the life. Which describes you as the writer?

Elizabeth: Oh I've had plenty of experiences to draw on in my writing, and continue to add more when they present themselves... I therefore know what's in the mind of my characters, having seen them or been them at different times!

Jess: Do you think erotica caters to a male or female market (or does gender of the target audience not matter)?

Elizabeth: I tend to think erotica is more of a female market, it stimulates the mind more than the graphic nature of porn does (at least for me).

Jess: Are there any topics you will NOT tackle, with regards to sexual behaviors and attitudes?

Elizabeth: I won't touch anything that is dangerous or permanently harming in anyway, shape or form. So body mods are out, though more mainstream piercing and tattoos are ok as long as it's very clear that they are wanted by the person having them.

Jess: Please share with us a short excerpt and blurb of your work (10-100 words).


An excerpt from my poem 'Submission':

A whip is a utensil, a dildo just a tool,
It is what lurks between your ears, that makes you, sub or Dom/me or fool!
So tell me my dear play thing, what goes on in your head,
What fires your blood and helps you live your fantasies in bed?
My money's on that grey stuff that's found between your ears,
That's the key to throbbing cock, pained whimpers or to tears.
Now pet I'm going to tell you, what lays in store tonight,
In exquisite detail for your delectation, and delight.
Caressing your libido with just my velvet tongue,
To prove cerebral stimulation's not wasted on the young.
I'll string together phrases, with the finest of detail,
Believe me when I say you'll beg before you reach the Holy Grail.

From poetry to prose I like to make people think and feel more passionately...

Jess: Share an excerpt of your favorite author’s work (10-100 words):

Elizabeth: Well mostly I don't read erotica, so my favourite author is actually Terry Pratchett -- a genuinely lovely man with a real talent for making me laugh!

'Bestiality Carter was in fact very kind to animals.' -- Lords and Ladies, by Terry Pratchett

Jess: Please let readers know where they can find out more about you/your work.

@UnseenWords - Twitter
Elizabeth Spire on FB

Jess: Thanks so much for sharing your views on the art of erotic writing :)!

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Privately educated and apparently brought up to be a nice young lady, Elizabeth found she just never fit the stereotype, however thanks to a chance encounter at a reasonably young age with just the right sort of young man, she found out that she was not alone in feeling this way. In fact she soon found out that she was exactly the stuff of dreams, yep, you know the type!

Elizabeth's most interesting and educational of beginnings has over the years blossomed and broadened, as has her understanding of life and sexuality in general.

Still shorter than average, curvaceous and fun loving, Elizabeth, enjoys life to the full with such a wicked imagination there's never a dull moment!

Her motto and the credo by which she has lived her life is: 'be unique and true to yourself'. She works and writes at Unseen Words Publishing.


Jess is the author/artist/non-conformist behind jessINK (her indie publishing division). One of her specializations is erotic literature.

If you are reading this and you write, in whatever genre, and would like to share your views via a similar interview, just check out/fill out the form at Author Interviews. Jess will email you with the link once it is posted.

Jess is available for interviews too. Drop her a note at missfeyATgmailDOTcom :)

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