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Summary of 4:Play: A contemporary cocktail of erotic short stories

4:Play captures the deliciousness of sexual fulfillment, the adventure of conquest, and the mystery of unexplored territory.

Among these progressive stories, a step brother and sister try to make sense of the sexual love they share; a demure young woman encounters an incubus; and two friends strike up a stimulating discussion that acts as the perfect aphrodisiac.

With a scope and style that is fresh and compelling, 4:Play dives into the depths of navigating gender, sexuality, and the lines of desire.

ISBN: 978-1-4486-4766-8

Why 4:Play is Written This Way

I deliberately wanted to cross multiple genres. I don't believe that a book should be *only* about gay fiction, or *only* about urban fantasy, etc. I'm all for diversity and open-mindedness (however one wishes to define that!).

I elaborate more on the first blog post.

Excerpt(s) of 4:Play:

Note: Excerpts of 4:Play have appeared in the following publications: Bare Back Magazine, Blink Fiction, Clean Sheets, UnMasked Online, Yellow Mama, The Battered Suitcase/Vagabondage Press, Side of Grits/Rural Messengers Press, Oysters & Chocolate, and Nefarious Ballerina.

A preview is available via Google Books.

Excerpt #1

Oh my God.

I drop my program, and I quickly bend over to pick it up.

I want to sneak out with him to the parking lot, under the moonlight, rip his boxers off, have them between my teeth.

He is immaculate, dressed in a white suit, holy-white, of all colors. The lights on stage throw a halo around his chestnut-brown hair, random, sexilicious strands resting upon his eyebrows.

He’s standing directly beneath the center spotlight, like he is the star of the show—he knows he is. He knows, and I know.

But he knows not that I know.

Lean meat and a polished body, bones hardly showing, hardly a drop of fat on him. Cheekbones and a jaw line like they’d been chiseled by a master artisan’s hands. He moves so lightly across the stage, and I think of the Greek messenger god, Hermes, with the swift wings on his heels.

~ from New Order; originally published by Oysters & Chocolate

* * * * *

Excerpt #2

It’s one of those nights. Closed the curtains and locked my room door from the start. Now I’m bringing the lights down a little lower.

This is how I like it.

I look at myself in the mirror. I love having a big mirror. I like the undivided attention.

The gear, the get-up? Nothing too fancy – no leather, feather boas, spikes or handcuffs for me. I saw a couple chained to each other by the wrist with a set of cuffs once. They were making out on the street at night.

I’m standing in a simple white camisole. The only other item I have on is a ruffled leopard thong.

I start thinking of what it’d be like, if there was a boy here.

"Hello, foxy," he’d greet me in a low, smooth voice.

He’d be standing behind, holding my hand, the other circled around my waist.

He would lean in to nudge the loose strands of hair off the back of my neck so he could place the side of his face on the exposed area of skin there. Start kissing, exploring round the neck, gradually going up to the ears. His hands over my milky-white breasts, the tips of his fingers instead of mine, working the nipples, now becoming erect. I see them, hard and prominent against the thin silken fabric.

The first wave hits me, quick as a lightning bolt.

Things...start to spin, a little. What if this wasn’t actually my room? Where would I be? Who would I be?

~ from Black Velvet; originally published as 'Smooth', by Bare Back Magazine

* * * * *

Excerpt #3


acid & candy
are bland & contrived after
the smooth rush of You.

Lock & Key

Hold me down; your eyes
Do it better than cuffing
My wrists to bedposts.


Why does it matter
Whether I like boys or girls,
Over genitals?

~ from Appetizers; originally published as 'Haiku', by Clean Sheets

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