Saturday, December 18, 2010


18 Dec 2010: You can get 4:Play (full anthology, 10 stories) for $4.99 @ Smashwords. All my books will be available for direct purchase/download via my website/jessINK, in 2011.

Two of my books, Wicked Lovely and 4:Play, are banned on Amazon, as reported by The Register UK. While 4:Play (which includes the s.story, Wicked Lovely) is still online on Amazon (at the time of this posting), I received an email from Amazon DTP that 4:Play has been "blocked" -- meaning I cannot edit/access my own product in my own account. Wicked Lovely was removed from Amazon's catalog in early December.

15 Mar 2011: I've written some articles on jessINK, with regards to erotic fiction & censorship. I've also updated my works and writings so that the special editions are about "step siblings," not "siblings."