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[1 August 2011]

* * * DISCLAIMER * * *

This is Jess's disclaimer to avoid getting this blog flagged/deleted by Google/Blogger--and also to avoid getting her a** arrested on "obscenity charges."

1) In accordance with GOOGLE/BLOGGER'S CONTENT POLICY, there are no depictions of incest on this blog--only mentions of "step relations" (I've re-issued updated "special editions" in 2011 on Amazon also).

2) Taboo subjects may occasionally be mentioned in an intelligent, neutral discussion (on the perspectives of erotic writing as an art form), where there are no images, videos or text content that depicts or encourages incest or bestiality (whereby the sexual ACT has to be committed, which differs from the very real plight/s of the DESIRE involved).

Read the following definitions:

Incest (from = The crime of having sexual intercourse with a parent, child, sibling, or grandchild.

Bestiality (from = Sexual relations between a person and an animal.

Sexual Relations (from the free dictionary) = Sexual behavior between individuals, esp. sexual intercourse.

Depict (from Synonyms for 'Depict') = To describe, render, show.

Statement (which differs from 'depict' | from Synonyms for 'State') = To say, tell, verbalize.

Question: Does "sexual relations" involve kissing? Someone saw a guy kissing his cats and asked him if he was a fan of bestiality and the guy had to ask, "What does that mean?" (true story)

3) There are no images or videos on this blog that contain nudity or sexual activity.

4) There is no pedophilic content on this blog. If Lolita (and similar work, in terms of subject matter) is mentioned (which involves the 12-year-old Dolores Haze), that falls under the category of hebephilia (refers to the sexual preference for individuals in the early years of puberty, generally ages 11–14).

5) The "Erotica vs. Pornography" disclaimer on Jess's main website explains how and why her erotic fiction is erotic literature, not pornography.

6) The author interviews conducted on this blog are related to perspectives on the art of erotic writing, and how it is differentiated from pornographic writing.

7) The views in the author interviews are the authors' only and do not necessarily reflect the views of any group or organization. Taboo/controversial subjects may be occasionally mentioned and discussed in an open and civil manner (without necessarily actively encouraging the consummation of such acts, on the part of readers/blog visitors).

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