Saturday, July 30, 2011

(Quality) Erotica Author Interviews

I've been wondering whether to open a new blog for my upcoming (FINALLY COMPLETED--about 10% left) second erotic anthology, Primal Scream.

If I do, it's likely to be a VERY compact, minimalistic blog (I'll have a few Q&A's and some posts on the artwork and inspiration behind certain stories, maybe). I was considering posting on this blog (re: Primal Scream-related material), but I won't if it'll make things cluttered.

I guess the Amazon censorship episode that occurred in Dec 2010 turned out to be okay, because it was from that point that I made it very clear that my (erotic-themed) work "is not porn."

The disclaimer I came up with (on the "erotica versus pornography" debate) is a popular page on jessINK (

I've met several other authors who also maintain this perspective with their erotic works. The whole purpose of the labels of "erotica" and "pornography" is to differentiate the two from each other (the former is an art form; the latter's objective is to stimulate arousal from the graphic depictions of sexually explicit scenes, and make money from this), and I personally would like to see more exposure for contemporary, quality, intelligent erotica (or "contemporary fiction with erotic elements," which is what I'm working towards :P).

I'm currently setting up an author Q&A template via Google documents. I'll answer the Q&A too, though it won't be my first interview that's related to Primal Scream. I'll decide later whether I'm going to post Primal Scream stuff here or on another blog.

I'll get back to Switch by the end of the day (last story for Primal Scream!).