Saturday, August 22, 2015


Here's the official press release for 4:Play @ Press Release Point.

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01 Sept -- Review @ It's Basement Time

"...I was surprised that I ended up liking 'Wicked Lovely'...the fact that they were (step) brother and sister is overshadowed by their sheer desire to be with one another, that that other person is the only person for them. That made the story for me."

05 Sept -- Review @ Unlikely Aristotle

"...(4:Play) wasn't all just steamy one night stands or totally unrealistic lesbian encounters. The book encompassed the entire sexual spectrum from the mundane to the kind of gross to the kinky to the 'alternative' to the supernatural."

Dec 09 -- Review @ Charlotte Erotica Examiner

"...what is most interesting is that the stories are very clear in covering topics that challenge the reader to see sex, and love through a perspective that is more accepting of others' differences whether it's sexual orientation, or just the acceptance of being able to make a choice about who one loves or have sex with."

07 Sept -- Interview @ Wicked Redhead
08 Sept -- Discussion with Cynthia Vespia @ Authors by Authors
10 Sept -- Interview @ Interracial eBooks
10 Sept -- Q&A @ Declan Stanley's Blog
Oct 09 -- Interview @ Bare Back Magazine
Nov 09 -- Review @ "Erotica With A Message"
Nov 09 -- Interview @ Wicked Thorn and Roses
Dec 09 -- Interview @ Amanda Young's Blog [everything uncovered ;)]
Jan 10 -- Interview @ Sexy Women Read
Jan 23 -- Review + Interview @ The Cajun Book Lady
Feb 09 -- Review @ The Pen and Muse
Feb 10 -- GLBT author interview
Feb 10 -- Author Q&A on Incest Step Relations
May 10 -- Paranormal Romance Interview
Jun 10 -- Review @ Bitten by Books
Nov 06 -- Author Profile + Interview @ Erotica For All (UK)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Update (Sticky Post)

[1 August 2011]

I'm open to featuring writers (any genre; published or not) on the art of erotic writing. I'll feature these Q&A's as and when under the Interviews | Guests section.

In the meantime, I'll be busy completing Primal Scream--and all the other projects I have besides that ;)

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