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Author Interview, Cara Mitchell

Author Interview #6, with author Cara Mitchell!

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Jess: Have you written erotic-themed material? Why or why not?

Cara: Yes, I have. Originally it was done at the direction of a Dominant and then I discovered I enjoyed enticing him. Over the years, it has served to stimulate and entice as well as to explain the darker recesses of my mind.

Jess: How do you differentiate quality erotica (as an art form), from pornographic writing?

Cara: I believe that the mind is capable of supplying the most erotic images and providing graphic detail interferes with the process. Erotica allows one to fill in the details, provides a suggestion and stimulates the imagination to go where it will. Pornography supplies all of the answers and, in the process, provides a quicker and less involved form of stimulation.

Jess: Less involved and less evolved ;). I shall now ask how you would respond to the following statement:

“I am very put off by the notion of 'literate smut', as if any porn is intellectual, that erotica needs to have a high and low art distinction. I think this is just a pretentious way for people to excuse their taste for pornography.”
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Cara: I haven't a clue what that question means so cannot possibly answer it.

Jess: I'd play around with the person's mind with regards to "tastes" in erotic-themed material, but that's just me ;) What inspired you to write erotic stories/poems/etc.?

Cara: As previously explained, a Dominant did oh-so-many years ago. Eventually, it was pointed out to me that I had a passion for writing and I realized that this was true.

Jess: Do you always follow the "safe, sane, consensual" credo?

Cara: Nope. Consensual, yes but "safe and sane" are relative terms and I like a bit of edge play.

Jess: *Nods* Agree with 'relative'. What do you think readers will find most notable about your book(s)?

Cara: The Symphony of C series is an in-depth exploration of the inner workings of a submissive's mind as well as a glimpse of the elegance which can be part of the world of Dominance and submission.

Symphony of Discovery is a quirky exploration of the romance, sensuality and eroticism of a devotion to science--so it becomes its own new genre (how does geekrotica sound?).

And for all of my books--I write intelligently for intelligent people.

Jess: As Oscar Wilde said, "There is no sin except stupidity." :) In order to write on certain experiences, you would have to either research or live the life. Which describes you as the writer?

Cara: I begin with living the life and then devote a tremendous amount of time into researching it.

Jess: Do you think erotica caters to a male or female market (or does gender of the target audience not matter)?

Cara: It depends upon the reader although I believe that it skews a bit more towards the majority of female readers and the more intelligent males.

Jess: Are there any topics you will NOT tackle, with regards to sexual behaviors and attitudes?

Cara: I have no ability to realistically describe same sex relationships or female Domination and so will not insult my readers with an attempt.

Jess: Please share with us a short excerpt and blurb of your work (10-100 words).


"His eyes bored into me as he bent once more and lifted the other leg. Frantic now, my hands had a death grip upon the overhead chain. He nestled my calves against his waist, his hands strong as he held me in place. His eyes were intense, demanding.

“Do you trust me?”

I nodded slowly. “Yes.”

“Let go of the chain.”

Wordlessly, without pause or thought, my eyes locked upon him. Then I released the supporting chain. In slow motion I felt my body falling. The chains tightened about me; I knew I was going to be severely damaged."

Jess: Share an excerpt of your favorite author’s work (10-100 words):


"Would she ever dare to tell him that no pleasure, no joy, no figment of her imagination could ever compete with the happiness she felt at the way he used her with such utter freedom, at the notion that he could do anything with her, that there was no limit, no restriction in the manner with which, on her body, he might search for pleasure."
-- Pauline Réage, The Story of O

Jess: Please let readers know where they can find out more about you/your work.


I can be found on Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter.

Jess: Thanks for stopping by to chat, Cara, and thanks so much for sharing your views on the art of erotic writing :)!

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Originally trained as an archaeologist and concert pianist, Cara discovered her fascination with artifacts was eclipsed by a love of cultures and the impossibility of making a career playing Beethoven exclusively. She has worked as a scuba instructor, horse packer, researcher, diplomat, cultural practitioner, scientist and wine importer. She can be found on Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter.


Jess is the author/artist/non-conformist behind jessINK (her indie publishing division). One of her specializations is erotic literature.

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