Monday, August 3, 2009

A contemporary cocktail of erotic short stories...

I've ordered the proof copy for 4:Play. This is the CS page for 4:Play.

I'll be fiddling around with the sidebar here, making sure everything is "not too much of a mess"...I've one more trailer to go. I'm tired (work-tired, not the sick-of-it type of "tired") I hope I can still put something together for one trailer that covers 4:Play, as a whole collection.

Personally, I prefer launching a book, and then getting (unsolicited -- it's more genuine) reviews for it. Maybe it's just me, but the concept of ARCs (and much of the traditional publishing model) seems pretty archaic to me.

Update 04/August/09 -- Sat down last night and completed the trailer at 11pm, bwahaha.

I wanted an electronica beat/music style for this one. There was another reggae fusion music track I was considering, but it was a little bit "relaxing" and laidback for what I had in mind.

Kindle & eBook editions should be available soon. With EyeLeash, I got the print copies set up first, before the digital formats. I'm doing it the other way around this time, which I think works better.

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